Creative Seating Chart Options

In thinking about how you will set your seating chart up for your wedding, consider practicality for your guests on your special day and for you after the wedding.  Our seating chart frame here in our showroom (pictured below) allows you to clearly indicate the table settings for up to 18 tables and serves as a wonderful frame after the fact!  You can place your seating chart on an easel, lay it flat on a table, or stand it close to your guest book table.  As guests sign your guest book or signature matte they will see the seating chart and be able to easily find out where they are seated.  Once they arrive at the table they are seated at, you have the option of having place cards at each setting indicating exactly where each guest is to sit, or you can choose not to have place cards and guests will choose where to sit at the table you have allocated to them.  With the frame pictured here, you can choose  up to 18 photos of your wedding to display in your home after the wedding.  And, to make it even simpler, when this frame is purchased we send our sample file to you by email so all you have to do is change the names!    OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA  OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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