What invitations say about your wedding…

Yes, it’s true many of your guests will recycle your invitation. It is true that engaged couples nowadays don’t want to spend a lot of money on their wedding invitations and will look for something “cheap in cost” as they don’t feel their invitation is important. It is also true that many couples don’t put enough emphasis on the importance of their wedding invitation and don’t often realize that they can have a beautiful wedding invitation that is affordable.

The purpose of your invitation is not only to give your guests the important details of the day itself, but they set a tone and mood for your upcoming day. Try and incorporate the feel of your wedding into your invitation design and wording. If your wedding is formal and elegant, your invitation should reflect this. But guess what! You can choose a formal and elegant invitation for your wedding that is affordable. For example, the invitations we offer in our showroom start at $140 for 100 that includes all the printing (and often in a raised thermography) and envelopes! And, your reply card envelopes are printed too! And, it is important to see what your card stock will be like before you order them. With our invitations, you can feel the cardstock beneath your fingers as you are browsing through your options and pricing, knowing exactly what you are getting before you receive them. Explore your options, ask questions, make your wedding invitations an important part of your special day.