Unique Fundraising Jack & Jill Prize Box Rental

Couples and wedding parties planning Jack and Jills are looking to make them as fun and affordable for their guests as possibleall the while hoping to maximize on the fundraising opportunity a Jack and Jill presents. Our fundraising Prize Box is a unique game you can easily add to your Jack and Jill line of events and can make a lot of money for you.

Consider this…the box comes with 300 keys with a light and siren on the top and the rental fee is $50 plus tax. Then, add your prize (some people put basic prizes in like t-shirts, small gift cards, wine kits, alcohol and others put in more elaborate prizes like ipods, tvs, dvd players, game tickets, concert tickets, a night out, hotel stays, etc.)! Sell your keys off for whatever you feel you should. If you have a smaller prize, selling your keys for $2 each or 3 for $5 is usually great! If you have a larger prize, consider selling your keys for $5, $10 or even $20 each. Once the guests start tryingtheir keys, it is lots of fun! Sometimes it is the first key that opens the door, sometimes the last, and sometimes it is somewhere in between! When the prize is one, the light goes off and so does the siren adding to the excitement of the event.

The prize box can also be used for other types of fundraising events throughout Durham Region and beyond, not just Jack and Jills!


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